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Important Notice
1.     The span of the residence permit is a student’s valid duration of stay in China. Students can exit from and enter into China multiple times during the validation of the residence permit.
2.     Students should report the number of their “Residence Permit for Foreigners in P.R. China” to the office of International Students after they receive it and collect their student ID card.
3.     If the students over stay in China, according to the Chinese Residence Permit regulations, they will be penalized.
4.     If students need to extend their stay or change their address, they should report to the Office of International Students at least 20 days in advance and go through relevant procedures.
5.     If a new passport is required, due to the expiration or loss of the old one, relevant procedures should be completed at the Exit-Entry Administration Division of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Public Security within 10 days of you beginning to use the new passport.

Any official documents and I.D which are found to be forged, altered, misused, transferred, bought or sold, will result in a penalty for bearer. If your passport is lost, students should report to the Office of International Students as well as the local police station and apply for a new Residency Permit at the Exit & Entry Administration Division of Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau.